Because of his birth year, Duncan is considered a "Rooster Announcing The

All of the prior info, was based on Roosters in general.  The following info
is more specific to Duncan, because of the year of his birth....


This is the Rooster in its natural position - loudly heralding the glorious
new day. It will announce the dawn whether or not anyone wishes to hear its

You are associated with a cutting instrument - something that does an
efficient job, but may also scythe things down.

You tend to say and do what you think is right, without worrying about the
consequences. You are prone to go charging in when caution might dictate

Unfortunately, your behavior sometimes upsets and disturbs people, but you
feel that it is your duty to behave this way.

However, you are very clever. Perhaps you should hold on to your sense of
doing what is right but also fuse it with your wisdom.

Once you allow yourself to admit it, you are, in fact, a very considerate
person indeed. Try to allow this side of your personality to have more
dominance. As a result, people should listen more carefully to whatever you
have to say.

You are likely to have your children rather late in life. This is probably
for the best, since your maturity should make you value your children all the

It may take you many years to learn how to cope with the more difficult
aspects of your personality. Consequently, you may find that you have
estranged yourself from parents or siblings.

Always be prepared to rebuild the bridges between you. Your parents and your
siblings probably had to endure considerable aggravation from you in the
past; therefore it is only fair for you to make an effort in your newly found

It might take some time to find the right partner, but you should have a
happy committed relationship.

You should enjoy a successful life and a prosperous career. Take care with
money, for you posses two conflictin trends within your personality. You have
the capacity to be very careful with your money, or even stingy, but you are
also capable of suddenly deciding that you want  to waste your money on the
most unnecessary fripperies.

Make every effort to control this duality, for it could complicate your life.
Enjoy your money by all means, but do not allow your extreme love of spending
to deteriorate into uncontrolled binging.