Courtney's Ferndale Show: The Luckiest Friday the 13th Ever
April 13, 2001 at The Magic Bag in Ferndale, Michigan

(more pics at the bottom)

The "reader's digest" version of the Friday Ferndale show - WOW.

                 Okay, now my LONG version of Ferndale- Last night was the night... my very
                 first Duncan Sheik Concert! My bestest friend Helen and I went early to the
                 Magic Bag and stood in line for an eternity (or so it seemed that long -
                 there were sound problems being worked out, and every time one of the staff
                 opened the door, Duncan's voice came floating out, like it was teasing us-
                 "I am right here, you have to wait, but I am just behind these doors and
                 through these big bouncer guys, oh so close, oh so close"). We had a chance
                 to talk and catch up on things since I last saw her in March, and we met
                 some people from the message boards (Lisa, Melissa, Ryan, Kathleen - all
                 happy, beautiful and wonderful Donuts! I love you guys!).

                 Eventually, the big bad bouncer man let us in at 8:30, and we beelined for
                 the stage. The pit in front of the stage was open, but since I am a
                 "slightly stumpy" 5'4", I would have had to look up peoples' noses all
                 night. Did I want to see the inside of Duncan's nose? NO. Helen and I
                 settled for a spot right against the rail of the raised platform opposite
                 the stage, which was a mere 20 feet away from where Duncan would eventually
                 play. It took a long time to get everyone in since the place was sold out,
                 so in the meantime I conversed with the Donuts and I sent happy PTAN
                 thoughts to just about everybody I have ever met because I was enjoying the
                 atmosphere so much. Fisher came on and they were very good, though they
                 played kind of loudly so it was hard to hear sometimes. By now I was getting
                 footsore (darn standing room only! Argh!) but the time was drawing nearer.

                 Finally, Duncan came out... you could feel this wave of peaceful bliss wash
                 throughout the cheering crowd when he took to the stage. He was MAGNIFICENT.
                 I was at eye-level with him for the rest of the night, and I was truly moved
                 by the energy and the passion he put into every song he sang and played for
                 us. I could not have been any happier in my wildest dreams, as Duncan met
                 and exceeded all of my expectations for the concert. The audience was fairly
                 decent and very appreciative (though the back of the room was noisy due to
                 the bar), Duncan and his bandmates were very friendly with the crowd (at one
                 point in tuning, he muttered "Twelve strings are a bitch" and everybody
                 roared with laughter), and Helen and I both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. I
                 was allowed to take flash pictures, and since I was so close, I CANNOT WAIT
                 to get them developed.

                 After Duncan retreated to the dressing room, the staff at the Magic Bag was
                 trying to close down and clear everyone out of the place. Since it was hot
                 and I already reeked of enough smoke and booze, I thought Helen and I could
                 go and wait by the tour bus to get an autograph and a picture (I had brought
                 him a single daffodil too and I wanted to give it to him). As it turns out,
                 by the time we got shuffled outside and could no longer get back in, Duncan
                 had come back out on stage and was signing things for the people still
                 inside. RATS. We figured that we still stood a good chance of at least a pic
                 with him since we were waiting by the bus, though. Most unfortunately, this
                 was not to be... As it happened to be, a very disturbed man had been
                 hovering about (drunk? probably. drugs? maybe. needs help? definitely.) and
                 he began to scream obscenities and rant and rave at all of us as we waited.
                 Eventually, someone called the police because he seemed more and more like a
                 danger to himself and to others. He was wrestled into a squad car and
                 shuttled off to spend a night in a lock up somewhere, but apparently his
                 presence out there upset Duncan (rightly so... he frightened me with his
                 "bad vibes" - I saw him when we were waiting before the concert and took an
                 instant dislike to him. My intuitions on character are highly accurate... )
                 and he was not going to come out to the bus and greet us.

                 Duncan's band members all came out to the bus and we were able to speak to
                 them, and they are all fabulous guys. I believe it was Matt who announced
                 that Duncan had left already, but Gerry told me that Duncan would probably
                 come out after everyone had left just for safety's sake. Either way, I
                 missed my chance at giving Duncan my flower and my hug on this tour, so I
                 asked Gerry to give the flower to Duncan for me. He accepted it and whisked
                 it away into the tour bus, which made me a little happier. Gerry (I love
                 this man! He was so very nice to all of us) asked if we could all write our
                 addresses down so that maybe he and Duncan and the rest of the band could
                 arrange for us to receive something like an autographed picture by mail once
                 they were available. That was incredibly appreciated by all, since we all
                 expected to be sent off with nothing and ended up with at least a little
                 hope. No matter, for even though the "afterparty" stunk , I still had one of
                 the best nights of my life and I took away lots of film, lots of memories,
                 and an even greater appreciation for the man who has made the music I have
                 lived for for six years. I cannot wait until he comes back again... the Moon
                 was worth the wait. I am still tingling head to toe...


Some pics of the 
That's Courtney 
and her 
best friend Helen 
on the left! :-)