The Rooster is a natural performer and loves being the center of attention.
However, it also likes to escape to a private, comfortable place where it can
truly relax.

Morning exercise is particularly beneficial for the Rooster, because it helps
it prepare for the enrgetic day ahead. Jumping a rope and running appeal to
the Rooster, because they are forms of exercise that can be done at virtually
any time.

Although walking may seem too tame for the highly sociable Rooster, it is a
valuable pastime. Walking provides the Rooster with a relaxing escape from
its usual frenetic activity.

The Rooster is extravegant with its money. Luckily, it is very well
organized, and always keeps a careful eye on its spending habits.

The limelight is the Rooster's natural enviroment. It is a flamboyant
performer, whatever the occasion or the company. It would thrive on the
exposure provided by a solo saxophone performance or by singing to a large
cabaret audience.