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Pictures from the 1999 WXPN Singer-Songwriter Weekend in Phillly. An unconventional review of a DS concert, with some interesting facts. Spooky Ghost's Artist Website
  Gerry Leonard (a.k.a. "Spooky Ghost") often performs with Duncan, appears on both of his CDs, and will surely be recognized by fans who have been lucky enough to see DS in concert. His critically acclaimed ambient guitar stylings are both haunting and beautiful. 

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All of "Duncan Sheik" and "Humming" in MP3 The famed El Rey concert--a good chance to see Duncan live. A Review of the El Rey concert. DS fanfiction


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Here is a link for Soka Gakkai International (the SGI), the group of Buddhist laypeople to which Duncan belongs. Learn more about Duncan's faith, Nichiren Buddhism.
Not DS-related

Richard Shindell
is a wonderful 
with warm baritone,
skillful guitar, and 
story-songs that betray
a keen eye for the 
humanity in characters
that often seem 
disposable in our 
everyday lives. A 
songwriter, he 
should be loved by 
Duncan Sheik fans.
Some will
recognize him 
through his work with 
Cry, Cry, Cry, touring with 
Lucy Kaplansky and 
Dar Williams.

Feels like I'm HOME.