The Rooster has an open and courageous nature, and will always make itself
available for others in need. It enjoys, and openly indulges in, the good
thinkgs in life.

You are excellent company, and usually adapt well to different circumstances.
Maintaining your appearance takes up a considerable amount of your time, and
you are just as critical about your own tastes as you are in others'.

You enjoy the best of everything and want your needs to be met. You expect to
follow your own routine without any interference from other people.

However, there is a certain innocence in your approach, and your selfishness
is never intended to be hurtful. Although, you are often straightforward to
the point of shamelessness, this is not through vindictiveness, but because
you feel that others should know the truth.

Superficially, you are charming and rareely exhibit the true depth of your
extensive knowledge. In reality, you have an independent spirit and are wary
of others. Although you possess a streak of exhibitionism, you also have a
compassionate side. This altruism tends to come to the fore when others ask
for your help.

You are trustworthy and offer sensible advice, but you rarely reveal yourself
to other people and may sometimes appear to be offhanded and erratic.

You have a vulnerable nature and often feel insecure, but you hide these
weaknesses beneath humor and conversation. You true nature is usually seen
only by your close friends or in times of crisis.

You are a sociable and charming romantic partner. It is difficult for you to
commit yourself, but once you have, you are dependable and responsible.

As a parent, you are dedicated and organized. You can also be very
protective, but always like to give yourself the freedom to enjoy life's

The young Rooster is open, inquisitive, and good company, but its interests
may have to be subtly directed by its parents.