The Rooster is a charming creature. It loves fine clothes and good company,
and always wants to impress. Usually, it has a trail of besotted admirers.

You relish the element of cnquest in love. Romance must never be easy and
predictable for you - if it is, you are soon likely to be off in search of
the excitement of a new partner.

Your independence is vital, and life could be difficult for a partner who
needs you to be by his or her side. You are jealous, but are careful not to
show it.

Once you feel that you are truly involved in an emotional relationship, you
make an intelligent and agreeable partner. In the security of a committed
relationship, you are willing to allow your sensitivities and vulnerabilities
to surface.

You are renowned for your honesty, but can sometimes appear to be brutally
offhand. Unintentionally, this behavior could hurt the one you love. Ideally,
you are suited to the Ox, and the Snake. The Ox can offer socialibility,
excitement, and the security that you secretly need. The Snake shares your
love of clothes and color, bur also appreciates your more subtle side.

The Dragon welcomes your attention and shares your love of performance. The
Pig should be tolerant and understanding, and will ignore your boastfulness
or criticisms. The Rat may prove to be a difficult partner unless you allow
it to see beneath your surface.

The Tiger and the Rabbit could prove too critical - you may push the Rabbit's
patience to the limit, and the Tiger may judge you too quickly. A
relationship with the Horse could prove to be very competitive, and although
you can provide the Ram with comfort and security, it is likely to be too
unconventional for you. Your honesty compliments the Monkey's astuteness and
audacity, but it could take some time to understand and trust each other.

Although a partnership with another Rooster would undoubtedly be lively, it
is also likely to be full of turbulence and disagreement.