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Birthdate= November 18, 1969
Zodiac Sign= Scorpio
Astrological Period= Scorpio III (November 12-18)
Scorpio colors= Black, blood red, charcoal gray
Scorpio precious stones= Ruby for inner faith, Garnet for balancing sexual drives,
Carnelian for grounding, Black Pearl for granting calm and solace in troubled times


Scorpio falls in the Water sign category with Pisces and Cancer, a category that represents the most essential of all elements (Fire, Earth, and Air). Water is the only element of these that exists in liquid, gas and solid state, yet it remains consistent from one situation to another, seeking the lowest level and entering the most secretive places to bring life to the world. Scorpio exhibits the control necessary to harness the power of water, as people born under this Water sign are purposeful and know how to get their way. Scorpios have a fixed nature that makes it difficult for them to give up possessions as well. Water sign people such as these may let emotional ties take over the highest priorities in life. Highly empathetic and sympathetic, Water sign people have a natural intuition for knowing what people need. People born under a Water sign may often be serious and profound, though humor holds special meaning for them due to its mood-lightening effect and its ability to bring people together. Scorpio is a social Water sign, and such people thoroughly enjoy bringing people together in intimate settings.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and symbolizes the power of middle age and the ability to direct and control the life around oneself. The planet Pluto, which grants volcanic sexual energies and a keen insight into the miracles and mysteries of transformation and metamorphosis, rules this sign alongside Mars which lends aggression. Best known by its symbolic defensive scorpion, Scorpio is also represented by the eagle, a beast with gifted sight and the ability to soar to great heights as well as dive down to the depths. The personality of a Scorpio can be likened to the onset of middle age and an individual’s attempt to gain power through reaching the summit of creative achievements. Pluto emphasizes the powerful, fateful, sexual, dark aspects of Scorpios, while Mars adds a sense of direction and dynamism. Like the scorpion, a Scorpio avoids confrontation and keeps weapons hidden in reserve. People born under this sign have a special intimate connection to the unconscious world. The age-old themes of life and death play key roles in the lives of Scorpios as they often undergo trying processes of personality transformation during their lifetimes. Because of this deep connection to the subconscious, Scorpios have an instinctive grasp of the seriousness and tragic nature of life. Such people are suspicious of panaceas, superficial attitudes, glitter and excessive optimism. People born under the Scorpio sign often have excellent senses of humor, and understand the ironies of life in a mature fashion. More than most other signs, Scorpios need to be wary of self-destructive tendencies, addictions, and overly controlling behaviors.

November 18 falls into the Scorpio III period, which takes Charm as its key image. Scorpio III people are highly magnetic, sensual and charming. Such people have a heightened ability to influence others and to forward their aims through investigation and observation. It is important for Scorpio III’s to attempt to clarify a working philosophy that upholds human value and respect for the wishes of others. People born during this Scorpio III period have a highly developed sensuality which attracts others and leads them to seek out a variety of physically satisfying experiences (sex, food, exercise, etc). It seems that the inner stability of Scorpio III’s is so great that it would take an earthquake to throw them off balance. This is due to their remarkable self control and their realistic view of their abilities which keeps them from pushing beyond their limits. A Scorpio III may have to be reminded to take chances and look failure in the face, thus finding the opportunity to reach new heights.

A Scorpio born on the 18th of November is a highly spirited individual who is extremely active both physically and mentally. Such Scorpios are masters at self-control, hiding emotional vulnerabilities beneath a cool calm and collected exterior. November 18th Scorpios are very social and quite happy to be the center of attention. Often highly ambitious, these Scorpios may be cut out for leading roles in life as they manifest their ambitions in a social group they represent or personify. These Scorpios also prefer to reveal their talents on their own terms, whether they are amazing or mediocre. People born on this day resist pressure to seek successes before they are ready. November 18th people may not be the most diligent, but they can accomplish more with intuition, sensitivity and vision than many can through hours of effort. They are not as sensually developed as they are emotionally developed, and their chameleon-like inner twists and turns provide continuing surprises that invite the interest of others. Scorpios born on this day are in need of constant attention and they encourage the fascination of other people to fulfill this need. However, they may be able to justify the attention they command by being interesting and productive in the realm of entertainment, service, or merely by manifesting positive powerful energies. Scorpios born on this day are highly sought after friends who bring sunshine into the lives of all who surround them. Positive attibutes of these Scorpios include sensitivity, empathy and emotional understanding. Their negative qualities include malleability, passivity and lack of ego. It is very important for November 18th Scorpios to know themselves well so that they will not cast their feelings around or find themselves at the mercy of their emotions. Psychological or spiritual study is highly recommended for these Scorpios so that they can encounter themselves at a deeper level.

Information compiled by Courtney (equestrienne@hotmail.com) from “The Secret Language of Birthdays” by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

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