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News and articles about Duncan Sheik, plus some other music news.
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News on "Spring Awakenings", April 12, 2001

The Minneapolis Star Tribune's article promoting Duncan's 4-9-01 performance at Minnesota's Fine Line

New York Times review of Phantom Moon

Duncan Sheik chat transcript, March 7, 2001. has a very informative story about the genesis of "Phantom Moon." A must-read.

"Le freak, C'est Sheik,"'s awesome article about Mr. Sheik.

Rolling Stones' review of Phantom Moon. (They gave it 2.5 stars--are they crazy?).

"Breathing Easy"
In this article by Marie Loggia, Duncan talks about why he enjoys spending time with his online fans, and discusses his latest album, 1998's Humming.

Atlantic's official DS bio
This biography covers the life of Duncan Sheik from his birth through his eponymous debut.

Archival Articles
The following articles have been
located and typed by the lovely Angee.

"Duncan Sheik, Musician"
From the November 1998 issue of Manhattan File.  The name of the article was Cool Like That, and it had a lot of celebrities modeling clothes, and had little snippets about each of them.  Here is what it said about Duncan... it was written by Amy Synnott.

An early article
This is from the Music Monitor. It was sometime after his debut album.... The article is by Mona Guidryz 

Review of Humming
This is a Wall of Sound CD review by Gary Graff.  I don't know the exact date, but it was a review of Humming. 

The Hollywood Exchange on Duncan
This article was on, and it is by Liana Jones.

"Questions and Answers with Duncan Sheik"
August 9, 1996 An interview by: Stu Gotz 

"Duncan Sheik Keep Hope Alive"
This from Acoustic Guitar magazine #23... from 1997, by:  Isaiah Trost 

"Radical Sheik"
From Vogue 1998 In the Section: What People Are Talking About... edited by Richard David Story, Written by:  Daisy Garnett 


Thursday, August 30 2001
A DS fan is putting together a book of letters from fans to Duncan as a birthday gift to him. Here are the details:
Hey Guys!
If you are still interested in being a part of the Duncan book here is all of the information I have posted. If you still have questions or comments please feel free to e-mail me. About the Letter...
I ask that you please limit your letters to 5 pages at the most. Please
keep your letter on paper no larger then the standard legal letter size. Try to make your letter as mature as possible. Remember this is a birthday present for Duncan. I think that the boundaries of your letter should be that one it is about Duncan/s music and the effect it has on you. If you would like to send poetry. I would ask that it is Duncan related for obvious reasons. If you would like to send a photograph of yourself. (In taste please). I don't see why we cannot include that. I would ask that you send me the actual photo, and I will see what the paper store people can
do. So send that with your letter. When you are done with your letter e-mail me and I will send you an address to send it to me.
Please have everything in the mail by October 15th. I do need time to sort the book and have the paper store staff look at it so that the book is done with great quality. Okay that is simple enough. Now here are some more details for those who want to know them.
If you want to help me by all means you are welcome. For those of you who want to do the cover and other art work I would have to say e-mail me. And we will get that all taken care of as soon as possible, so that you can get working on it. If you would like to help with payment of the book, you can. But it is not a
mandatory thing. I will not know how much the book will cost until I have everything for it all together, and I sit down with the paper store people. If you live close and would like to help in a physical manner (ex. in putting book together etc.) I'd love to hear from you. I live in
Albuquerque New Mexico. If there are people interested in a copy I'm not sure what I think about that yet. Um one one hand it is a very personal present for Mr. Sheik, and on the other we are a community of fans. I'll have to think about that before I give an answer. Feel free to tell me what you guys think.
And last but very important... Please spread the word about this to other Duncan fans. Let's make this as open to as many fans as we can. Thank you so much. I hope to hear from you soon.

Much Love,

Friday, April 6 2001
On April 16, at 7pm ET, Duncan will be conducting a live chat with

Thursday, March 22 2001
Archived audio webcast at . Listen to the 3-20-01 show, and fast forward to 22:10. Voila, Duncan! A link is also available on the "Live Appearances" page.

Saturday, March 17 2001 is back online. The site includes, among other things, personal messages from Duncan.

Friday, March 16 2001 goes back up tonight at midnight, according to the website. There will be a live chat on March 27 at 8pm (EST) at

Friday, March 16 2001
Duncan will appear at at 3pm (EST)! Sorry for the late notice on this one--Atlantic made a very late announcement of the webcast. Also, the A-List webcast is now archived at

Thursday, March 15 2001
Duncan will appear on The A-List, which is webcast on, on Friday, March 16 at noon (EST). Check out their page on Duncan here. This is also the link for the chat. (Thanks, Kimm!)

Saturday, March 10 2001
"Spring Awakenings" will be produced soon (probably this summer) by NYC's Roundabout Theatre Company.

Friday, March 9 2001
Duncan will appear on the Mountain Stage radio program some time soon. The date will be announced as soon as confirmed. You can listen that Sat. from 6-8pm on

Monday, March 5 2001
This week's issue of Entertainment Weekly features Duncan on p.80, reviewing songs by Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, The Zombies, Curtis Mayfield, and Johnny Mathis. The scan will be available here soon. The March 12 issue of People features a review of Phantom Moon.

Friday, March 2 2001
Duncan Sheik will appear on the World Cafe tonight. The radio show will air at 1am, and again at 3am, at

Thursday, March 1 2001
There are tour dates scheduled for April in Virginia and Maryland. For more info, check the tour dates page.

Wednesday, February 28 2001
The latest word on is that they've made some preliminary changes, and the site is to be back online within the week. This site will announce the relaunch when it takes effect. Also, they've got a new EPK at

Tuesday, February 27 2001
The wait is over, and "Phantom Moon" is here! My review of the album will be up by midnight tonight.

Monday, February 19 2001 has a great page about Duncan. Check it out here. Also, has info about "Phantom Moon" and an interview with Duncan.

Saturday, February 10 2001
It's official--"Phantom Moon" will be released on February 27th. For information from Atlantic Records' site, click here.

Friday, October 20 2000
Duncan's next album, "Phantom Moon," will be available in January 2001. Duncan wrote the music, and SGI-mate Steven Sater wrote all of the words. The album is all-acoustic, and will be released through Nonesuch Records. Duncan is still on the Atlantic label, however. Thanks to David Leinhardt for furnishing ths information to us donuts!

Friday, June 23 2000

The official word on "Spring Awakenings," Duncan's foray into musical theatre, from the La Jolla Playhouse, where the musical is expected to debut: "Thank you for your interest in the next season of LaJolla Playhouse. Unfortunately, 'Spring Awakenings' is still in development, and we have not yet committed to producing it.  It is an exciting concept for us, but the process for picking next season lasts through the duration of the summer.  Please check out our website ( closer to the end of the summer to find out what next season's shows will be." 

Thursday, June 15 2000

So the official duncan-discuss list is out of commission. Online donuts can still talk about the Sheik life by going to and subscribing to the "duncan_sheik" discussion list.

Wednesday, June 14 2000

Mr. Sheik has a song on the soundtrack for "Boys and Girls," which came out on June 6th. The song is never before released, and titled "Now or Never." Be sure to get a copy of this, because I hear that it is a beautiful performance. (Thanks to Cindy Vargas for supplying this information).

Tuesday, June 13 2000

Duncan Sheik's official website is being updated, finally. Fansites like this one and Jana's Stranger Than True  will probably still be your best sources of original coverage of the Sheik life. You can go to, and sign up for an e-mail list that will notify you when the site is back up and running. Of course, when is back up, it will be reported here.

Sunday, June 11 2000

"They're not that attentive at my own shows," Duncan Sheik revealed to American magazine Entertainment Weekly in its May 12 issue. He was talking about the audiences at shows he's been doing with Spooky Ghost in NYC, performing Nick Drake's Pink Moon in its entirety. Mr. Sheik plans to release his third album in September 2000, and it will be credited to "Phantom Moon," a name inspired by the work of Mr. Drake. Read the article here (page1) (page2) . . Fans of Jeff Buckley probably already know that a second posthumous album has been released lately, titled Mystery White Boy. . . The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival takes place July 21-23 in Hillsdale, NY. Singer-songwriter Richard Shindell will be performing, along with many others.

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