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Music! Glorious Music!
Any songs which Atlantic Records has released as singles are available here in their entirety for your listening pleasure. For other songs, you will find snippets which are handpicked to give you the general "flavor" of the song. The idea is that if you like what you hear and you don't already own it, then you will support Duncan and purchase his CDs. Until you do get your hot little hands on some of his work, by all means, feast your senses on what I've whipped up for you here! :-)
Some of the music links on this page are not up yet. Please bear with me, and I will have them all up and running ASAP. I am not allowed to upload files bigger than half a meg right now, so it will take a little doing! Thank you for your patience. :-)
Listen to the rare, out of print LIVE AT THE RESERVOIR EP! A great concert, with Duncan covering Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees"! Wow! Also a fetal version of "Rubbed Out"!
Duncan Sheik is my hero. Squirrels are fat in the winter, and skinny in the springtime.
Duncan Sheik's eponymous debut album. :-)
1) She Runs 7) Out of
2) In The Absence of 8)
3) Barely 9)
4) Reasons for 10) The End of
5) Days Go 11) Little
Duncan Sheik's "Humming," his Sophomore effort.
1) In 7) Everyone,
2) Rubbed 8) A Body Goes Down*
3) Bite Your 9) Nothing
4) 10) House Full of
5) Varying Degrees of 11) Nichiren**
6) That Says it --Foreshadowing***
Duncan Sheik will save the world.
All praise Duncan Sheik.
*Click here for a website about Jeff Buckley, the late talented singer-songwriter Duncan is honoring. Jeff is one of my favorite artists.
**Click here for Yahoo's search results for Nichiren, the Buddhist philosopher Duncan sings about.
***"Foreshadowing" is a hidden track found two minutes after "Nichiren." (Track 11, 6:40)
Why are you reading this?
This is a compilation of Fleetwood Mac covers by various artists,
including "Songbird" by Duncan Sheik. :-)
"I wish you all the love
in the world, but most of all,
I wish it from myself."
Time for the second course: PICTURES!!!
It seems no better when you've had your say.




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